Win free membership and rare penguin!

Hey penguins!

As you probably read from the title (if you didn’t, well, read it nowxD) I will be giving away a 1-month membership code and a rare penguin to the person who designs me the best header!

If you’re good at graphics, then now is the time to use your skills – I am really in need of a new header and you just design a good one, and voila! Free rare penguin and a 1-month-membership code.

The header must be eye-catching and have ‘Club Penguin-Ness’, ‘’ or something along those lines.

Please tell people about this contest! Remember you get two awesome Club Penguin things if you win!




Here is how to get to Brown Puffle Cave…

First go to the dock, then go to the next room, now you can pick up the Hat:

Now you can go through the maze follow the pars click on them to get bigger they get to be really smal dots so look high and low…

Once you have completed the maze, you come to a big invention first plug it in, next click the beans, now click the coffe dispenser and then click the coffee, it will poor into a tank so then click the green button,then the pink lever then the green lever,yellow button, red, blue, purple. Now the blue lever, next play the green notes on the piano. A fire will ignite so throw snowballs at it. Now play the piano again, click the green button, now click all the green squares and both the levers on top of that. then click the circle thing at click the choo choo thing now the hot sauce let it cook for a while and then press the water and open the vent click the toaster and get in the barrel.

It will take you to an Island buy a lifejacket and bulid the boat… and get in it. GO in the cave and click the note adopt it and you are done.

System Defender(NewGame)!

There is  a new game: SYSTEM DEFENDER Comment and let us know how you like the game

New funny pics

Ktmkid01 added some new funny pics. Please don’t comment negitave comments

New Domain!

Hey penguins zackie151 here. I just wanted to inform you that we have a new domain please for now on use that for now on the old domain works but we suggest you use this domain now!


The Migrator Has Departured!

Hey penguins  Rockhopper has just left! If you go to the beacon and look at the telescope you can see rockhopper’s ship leaving and heading back to his island. And coins for change has reached its goal!Which is really awesome and its great that penguins care about other people online!

Until then waddle on!

Clubpenguin Field op#28

Hey penguins their is a new field op! Can’t believe! their at the 28th already! So here are the cheats.

First go to the E.P.F headquarters and accept the field op.

Then go to the night club and stand at the speaker.

Then your field op messenger will turn green and click on it and do the field op.

Basically what you have to do is direct the bot the the red locations so the the bot can repair it